Tuesday, March 20, 2012

About Me

If you received a negative chain email about me and the School Board Election, please feel free to contact me at 801-733-9709 to discuss the contents of the email.

Things I believe in, and things I'm concerned about:

- I believe in good open government, that is conducted in the light of day.

- I believe in resolving issues in a fair and transparent manner.

- I believe in resolving divisive disputes through consensus, compromise, and open communication.

- I believe we need to develop and maintain outstanding programs that will meet the needs of ALL our students.

- I believe in being fiscally responsible with the tax payers dollars in addressing the needs of the District.

- I believe in treating our teachers, counselors, and principals with respect and dignity.  I support their right to have a voice in the decision making process.

- I'm very concerned about the level of contention and intimidation that has taken place on the School Board and by the District Administration.  I will work cooperatively to restore an environment of trust and respect.

- I believe that doing what is right for our children is not a PARTISAN ISSUE.  I will work with legislators, mayors, and others, as long as what they are proposing is in the best interest of students.  If not, they will not receive my support.

- I'm not a single issue candidate.  I care about all the issues which impact the lives of our children.

- I believe the opinions of our parents and teachers are to be listened to and respected.  Our students, parents, and employees are to be treated in a professional manner.

- I will work hard to restore respect between all the stakeholders in the Canyons District.

- I have been endorsed by ordinary people and community groups that feel the political elite have stifled their voice and vote.  I will work hard to make sure your voice is the one represented on the School Board.

- I will follow one of my favorite Ronald Reagan Quotes, "There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.  We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right." 




Recent Endorsements
- Matt Dietz
- Ike and Leslie Egan
- Laurie and Susan Maxfield
- Kent and Karen Griffiths
- Drew and Rhonda Pearce
- Scott and Tara Pearce
- David and Susan Pearce
- Onno and Janell Mattheus
- Mark and Sandra Funk
- Camille Osborn
- Stephen and Bonnie Oswald
- Eddie Gappmaier
- Mike and Nancy Lewis
- Karl and Amy Rasi-Kuskinen
- Anna Mattheus
- Representative Marie Poulson
- Ann Iverson Mohr
- Mary Carling
- Robert and Chris Colson
- Teriann Crowther Cooper
- Dawn Murray Dachenhausen
- Jack Duffy
- Curtis Hale
- Janet Roubik Kinneberg
- Ken and Debbie Olsen
- Randy Olsen
- Carolyn Ownby
- Laurel Lee Pedersen
- MariJean Woolf
- Katie Hewitt
- Ernie Broderick
- Earl Hamilton
- David Gomez
- Brian and Millicent Fogarty
- Sharon Savier Okumura
- Terry and Ron Woolf
- Dr. Dave and Sylvia Cannon


     I’m excited to announce that Bryson Garbett has endorsed my campaign for School Board. Bryson is the President of Garbett Homes.  His company employs hundreds of employees and sub-contractors.  Bryson has been a leader in building good, affordable, ecologically friendly homes in Utah.
    Bryson has been the President of the Salt Lake Homebuilders Association.  He was elected to the Utah State Legislature in 1982.  Bryson was the chief sponsor of the Interstate Banking Act.  This law allowed for more capital to flow into Utah.  
     Bryson was one of the founders of Foundation Escalera.  This is a humanitarian organization providing educational opportunities  for young people in impoverished areas of Mexico.  Bryson has also served on the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity, and served as President in 2007-2008.

     I greatly appreciate Bryson’s support. 


I'm excited to announce that my campaign for School Board has been endorsed by Cindy England (Prior 2012 Canyons School Board Candidate). Cindy ran an excellent campaign for School Board in Precinct Three.
Cindy is very involved in the Canyons School District. She is currently the SCC Chair for the Community Council at the Canyon View Elementary. Cindy also served as the P.T.A. Reflections Chair for two years at Ridgecrest Elementary. She currently has three children attending schools in the Canyons District. 
Cindy is involved in business and youth sports in Sandy and Cottonwood Heights.
Cindy's support will be a great help for my campaign. Her efforts are greatly appreciated.


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